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What are the advantages of architectural PC polycarbonate glass tubes?

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What are the advantages of architectural PC polycarbonate glass tubes?

PC tubes are mainly used in construction and other fields, with high light transmittance, good solvent resistance, transparency, low haze (Haze), light transmittance of 93%, diameter specifications from outer diameters Ф5-Ф800, etc.

Excellent weather resistance, suitable for the following environments:

-Indoor and outdoor use.

-High humidity environment.

-Sunlight ultraviolet radiation.

-Thermoformed lighting fixtures are crack-resistant for long-term use.

What are the advantages of architectural PC polycarbonate glass tubes?

At night, the Expo venues are more playful and smart. At this time, the Expo Park is about to stage another splendid performance. All venues will be lit. With the help of light, shadow and sound, the Expo venues at night will be more playful and smart. Recently, I was fortunate to have a night tour of Puxi World Expo. There are two viewing platforms recommended by tourists on foot. One is the Oil Pavilion, the State Grid Pavilion, and the elevated walkway near the Coca-Cola Pavilion. A variety of colorful images will appear in the blue "oil cube" of the exterior of the oil museum at night, and the State Grid Pavilion is covered by a large area of transparent crystals. At night, it turns into a veritable "magic box", with light and shadow moving Ambilight. In addition, it is directly opposite the China Pavilion, Cultural Center and Expo Axis. On the right hand side is the Lupu Bridge like Changhong. Many photography enthusiasts came here with tripods. Of course, there is a bit of cold wind blowing at night, and the second recommended viewing point is located in a semi-open room. Since dining at night is not stressful, tourists are advised to go to the restaurant next to the river. The reporter noted that some restaurants have viewing seats on the second floor. From the fence, you can see the Huangpu River and the Pudong Park on the other side. The steamers on the Pujiang River are booming, and tourists can enjoy the beautiful scenery on both sides while taking a nap. These luminous bodies are all credits for LEDs, but behind them are PC (polycarbonate) tubes, which play a role in "pin-through". Expo night view, an LED feast-the Expo Park at night lights up. Sitting on the ferry between the two banks of the Pujiang River, traveling on the avenue of the Expo Park, the idioms "Ambilight", "Dazzling" and "Five colors" can all come to mind.Glass tube

What are the advantages of architectural PC polycarbonate glass tubes?

Many of the lights in the park come from the so-called "LED" components. Its full name is "Light Emitting Diode", a solid-state semiconductor element that can convert electrical energy into visible light. It is millions of LEDs that light up the Shanghai World Expo. In the Expo Park, the most beautiful night view is probably located in the Enterprise Pavilion in Area D of Puxi. The nickname of the Petroleum Museum is "Oil Cube", and its outer wall can change different colors at night: cruising dolphins, blue sea, giant letters of "EXPO2010", brown sand sea, black oil People seem to be in it. Next to the "oil cube" is the Coca-Cola Pavilion, and tourists like to call it the "Coke Bottle".

A giant 15-meter-high Coke bottle is embedded in the center of the venue. According to the director of marketing activities of the Coca-Cola China World Expo, this is the largest LED bottle display in the company's global system. The interior is built with steel frames. The weight of the entire "bottle" exceeds 10 tons and consumes more than 3,000 LED luminous strips made in Germany. What is particularly unique is that, due to the material properties of LEDs, there has never been a screen like a bottle before-it is the world's first. At night, the national flags and Expo logos that flash on the "bottle" are particularly eye-catching. The Shanghai Enterprise Joint Pavilion next to the Coke bottle is known as the "Magic Cube". This cuboid building that looks unappealing during the day shares more than 20,000 LED light bars. The total length of the tube is about 110,000 meters. It is divided into 129 pieces of independent control and can form a three-dimensional rectangle . The "pin lead" for these tubes is a "polycarbonate transparent plastic tube". The raw material of this mouth is from a used CD. As many as 30 million waste CDs are generated each year in Shanghai, only 25% of which are recycled. If they are developed into plastic tubes, they not only save resources but are also very environmentally friendly.





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