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What are the characteristics of different building boards and floors?

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1. Blockboard: In the middle of the blockboard is a core spliced and bonded by natural wood strips, with thin veneer glued on both sides. It belongs to a kind of special plywood and is one of the most important materials in decoration. The large core board has good screw holding strength and high strength, and has the characteristics of solid quality, sound absorption and heat insulation, and the water content is not high, between 10% and 13%. It is easy to process and can be used for furniture and wooden doors and door covers, heating covers, curtain boxes, etc. Its water and moisture resistance is better than ordinary particleboard and MDF, and it is the most widely used in home decoration.

What are the characteristics of different building boards and floors?

2. Particleboard: Particleboard is a low-grade decorative material. It uses wood scrap as the main raw material, and then is mixed with glue and additives to make a thin plate. The pressing method can be divided into two types: extruded particle board and flat pressed particle board. The main advantage of this type of board is that it is extremely cheap, and its shortcomings are also obvious: the material strength is extremely poor, and the screw is not easy to fix. The furniture made of particle board is not strong and durable, and is generally not suitable for making larger or mechanically demanding furniture. The particle board is generally used for heat insulation, sound absorption or ceiling, and making small pieces of ordinary furniture.

3. MDF: MDF is also called fiberboard. It is a man-made board made of wood fiber or other plant fiber as a raw material and applied with urea-formaldehyde resin or other suitable adhesives. The density board is easy to reprocess due to its soft and impact-resistant quality. Density board is a good material for making furniture. According to its density, it is divided into high density board, medium density board and low density board. However, because the national standards for height boards are several times lower than international standards, the quality of MDF in China needs to be improved.

What are the characteristics of different building boards and floors?

4. Solid wood board: As the name implies, solid wood board is a wood board made of complete wood. These boards are durable and natural in texture, and are the best choice for decoration. However, due to the high cost of this kind of board and the high processing technology requirements, it is not used much in decoration.





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