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What are the common improper behaviors of painters using gas masks?

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The paint contains substances that are harmful to the human body, so workers in the paint spraying industry need to wear gas masks to prevent the gas emitted by the paint from harming the human body. However, choosing to use a gas mask is only the first step in protecting the safety of the respiratory tract. If you want to do respiratory protection, applying it to a gas mask is the key. However, according to Yangyue Security, many users still do not know how to use anti-virus masks. Below, Yangyue Security will briefly explain to everyone that when people use anti-virus masks, it is more common to be inappropriate:

1. The corresponding anti-virus mask is not selected

There are many types of anti-virus masks, different types of masks, the corresponding environment, poison gas concentration, etc., will be different. However, there are many users who do not take into account the needs of the application environment and use anti-virus masks indiscriminately, so that effective respiratory protection cannot be achieved. Therefore, it is recommended that users first understand the advantages and disadvantages of different types of anti-virus masks and the application environment before selecting anti-virus masks, and then understand the poison gas problems in the operating environment, so that they can choose the appropriate mask.

What are the common improper behaviors of painters using gas masks?

2. The anti-virus mask is not used according to the operation manual

Anti-virus masks are not the same as general-purpose masks. It is not to say that putting a mask on the head can play a protective role. If you want the gas mask to play a corresponding role, you must read the instructions carefully before use, and then wear it according to the wearing method on the instructions, so that you can play the role of a gas mask.

3. Did not do the pre-use inspection

There are many users who did not do a good job of inspection before using anti-virus masks, resulting in that anti-virus masks did not have anti-virus effects during use. It is recommended to check the mask before using any labor protection mask, such as checking whether the mask is damaged, whether the air tightness is good, whether the filter is still effective, etc.

Paint sprayer is a relatively dangerous industry. If not enough anti-virus measures are taken, it is easy to harm human health. Therefore, I hope that the above misconduct will not be committed again. behavior:





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