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What are the differences between PVC gloves and PE gloves?

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Labor protection gloves can be divided according to function or material. Different classification methods, the category of gloves will be different. However, for better hand protection. People need a clearer understanding of labor protection gloves. So, which belong to transparent gloves, do you know the difference between PVC gloves and PE gloves? In fact, even PVC gloves and PE gloves are transparent gloves. However, there are still many differences between the two. The most obvious is the following three aspects.

What are the differences between PVC gloves and PE gloves?

1. The difference between materials:

Just like the names of the two, PVC gloves are made of PVC paste resin, plasticizer, stabilizer, viscosity reducer, PU, demineralized water, and then synthesized by a special process. The PE gloves are made of low-density (LDPE) and high-density (HDPE) density polyethylene materials, and then refined with other additives. Therefore, the feel of the two is slightly different. PVC gloves will be more elastic and soft. On the contrary, PE gloves will perform poorly in terms of elasticity and softness. Not only that, PE gloves have no size difference.

2. The difference between features:

PVC gloves do not contain sensitive sources, not only have low dust emission, but also low ion content, have a certain degree of alkali resistance and elasticity, and are relatively inexpensive and easy to wear. PE gloves also do not contain sensitive sources, the transparency is higher than PVC gloves, and the opening of the gloves is looser, which is more convenient to wear. In addition, it has the advantages of bright surface color, uniform thickness, light weight, good hand feel, low price, non-toxic and harmless, etc. It is an economical hand protection product commonly used by people today.

What are the differences between PVC gloves and PE gloves?

3. The difference between uses:

PVC gloves are commonly used in electronics, chemical, food and medical industries, and are more popular with precision electronics and semiconductor industries. PE gloves are often used in household cleaning, sanitation, industrial and agricultural protection, etc., and are more suitable for some simple protective operations,

See here, I believe everyone knows the difference between PVC gloves and PE gloves. I hope that the next time you buy transparent gloves, you will not confuse the two. If you want to buy formal labor protection gloves, you can come to the tree-lined building materials network for consultation.





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