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What are the factors that affect the quality of building plywood?

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Almost every process in the production of plywood affects the quality of plywood plywood to varying degrees. To facilitate mastering, the following aspects are summarized:

1. Adhesive quality:

The performance is as follows: the performance of adhesive synthetic resin adhesive, the combination of various components and the glue adjustment process. In recent years, a lot of research work has been carried out on the components of the plywood glue and the glue adjustment process. This not only saves many chemical raw materials, reduces product costs, but also improves product performance. This is a manifestation of technological progress. In the production, only the synthetic resin used has excellent performance, sufficient adhesive strength, reasonable distribution ratio of each group of adhesive, stable performance of the prepared adhesive, suitable resin content and viscosity, and a long enough active period to ensure normal operation and various products. The indicators meet the requirements.

Construction plywood

What are the factors that affect the quality of building plywood?

2. Board quality:

The quality of the veneer, especially its surface state, has a great influence on the bonding strength. The quality of the veneer should be given sufficient attention in the preparation of the wood section and the veneer rotation cutting process. The wood softening treatment should be well carried out, and the veneer cutting conditions should be controlled so that the veneer indicators are at the optimal value. Rate and flatness.

3. Gluing of plywood:

Before glue pressing, we should pay attention to grasp the two aspects of sizing amount and slab aging. The amount of glue is too large, the cost is high; and the glue layer is too thick, the internal stress increases, and it is easy to penetrate the glue; the amount of glue is too small, which is not conducive to the infiltration of the glue and the glue layer will be incomplete. The ageing period should be appropriate and change reasonably with climate change. It is necessary to achieve the whole sheet of the core board and reduce the stacking and separation of the core board. Attention should be paid to mastering the pressure and depressurization speed of the rubber strip, especially when there is more moisture in the slab.

In addition, new technologies and new equipment are used, such as the use of high-efficiency jet-type veneer dryer, core board stitching machine, core board leveling machine to realize continuous operation of sizing, preforming, pre-pressing, and hot pressing. Quick closing hot press, etc., can accurately control the process conditions, so that the product quality is more guaranteed.

What are the factors that affect the quality of building plywood?





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