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What are the testing standards for safety clothing?

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Product / Project / Parameter:

Quantitative chemical analysis: GB / T 2910.23-2009 "Quantitative chemical analysis Part 23: Mixture of polyethylene fiber and polypropylene fiber (cyclohexanone method)"

GB / T 2910.24-2009 "Quantitative Chemical Analysis Part 24: Mixture of Polyester Fibers and Certain Other Fibers (Phenol / Tetrachloroethane Method)"

GB / T 2910.101-2009 "Quantitative chemical analysis Part 101: Mixture of soybean protein composite fibers and certain other fibers"

Formaldehyde content: GB / T 2912.1-2009 "Determination of formaldehyde in textiles Part 1: Free and hydrolyzed formaldehyde (water extraction method)"

PH value: GB / T 7573-2009 "Determination of pH Value of Textile Water Extract"

Color fastness to water: GB / T 5713-2013 "Textile color fastness test, color fastness to water"

Color fastness to acid and alkali perspiration: GB / T 3922-2013 "Textile color fastness test Color fastness to perspiration"

Color fastness to dry rubbing: GB / T 3920-2008 "Textile color fastness test, color fastness to rubbing"

Color fastness to saliva: GB / T 18886-2002 "Color fastness test of textiles Color fastness to saliva"

Decomposable carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes: GB / T 17592-2011 "Determination of Prohibited Azo Dyes in Textiles"

GB / T 23344-2009 "Determination of 4-aminoazobenzene in textiles"

What are the testing standards for safety clothing?





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