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What is ceramic? What is porcelain? What is the difference between them?

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Generally speaking, the pottery made of clay is called pottery, and the pottery made of porcelain is called porcelain. Ceramics are the general term for pottery, pottery and porcelain. Any clay made of clay and china clay is used as raw material. The utensils made by the processes of preparation, molding, drying and roasting can be called ceramics. The appearance of pottery is earlier than that of porcelain. According to historical records, thousands of years ago, China was burning pottery; it was not until the Wei and Jin Dynasties that porcelain was further created.

The fundamental difference between porcelain and pottery is that the porcelain body is completely sintered, the porosity is small, the mechanical strength is high, and the firing temperature is high; while the ceramic body is poorly sintered, the porosity is large, and the firing temperature is also Lower. If the porcelain is broken, his section is smooth and dense, while the cross section of the pottery is rough and loose.

Broadly speaking, porcelain is developed from pottery. It can be said that porcelain cannot be found without the invention and development of pottery. After the appearance of porcelain, the pottery continued to develop. Instead of having "porcelain" instead of "pottery", it developed independently in childhood.

The name of the device comes from Europe, and the original meaning is stoneware. In order to show that it was not made of stone, the Japanese used to burn it, so add the word "fire" and write the instrument. The pot is a ceramic product between pottery and porcelain.

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