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What is the building metal carved insulation board?

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1. Brief introduction of metal carved insulation board

Metal carved insulation board is a kind of building material with high pressure resistance, earthquake resistance, moisture resistance, low thermal conductivity, beautiful, durable, energy saving, simple construction, environmental protection and other excellent performance, can be widely used in building exterior wall decoration and interior decoration.

Metal carved insulation board is a light-weight building material, the surface is metal embossed, with brick pattern, stone pattern, water ripple, ceramic tile pattern, mosaic pattern and other patterns seven times special resin coating, there are more than fifty colors For choice, and guarantee no fade for 15 years. The middle of the plate is polyurethane foam to form a thermal insulation and heat insulation layer, and the inside is an independent closed bubble structure. The aluminum foil paper pasted on the back can effectively reflect the heat source and play the role of heat insulation, heat preservation and moisture resistance. The construction of the concave-convex plug-and-slot structure is very simple.

What is the building metal carved insulation board?

Second, the advantages of metal carved insulation board

● Reduce building energy consumption and save energy. Buildings with metal carved insulation boards can greatly improve the thermal insulation function of the walls. It can reduce energy consumption by more than 45% compared to buildings without metal carved insulation materials. In summer, it can greatly reduce the heat energy transmitted from the solar radiation external wall to the interior, thereby reducing the energy consumption of heating and air conditioning, protecting the main structure, and extending the life of the building.

● The decorative effect can be comparable to aluminum panels and stone curtain walls. The metal carved insulation board is an excellent and highly plastic decorative material. The outer decorative surface can be processed into various colors according to customer requirements, which can achieve the effect of high-grade decorative materials such as aluminum-plastic panels and even imitation wood and imitation marble.

What is the building metal carved insulation board?

Metal carved insulation board structure

● Metal carved insulation board is durable. It is not sensitive to wind and rain erosion and air pollution, and has good self-cleaning ability. It is not sensitive to general dust pollution and has good self-cleaning ability. General dust pollution can be cleaned by washing with water. Walls that have been used abroad for more than 20 years are still relatively new.

● The product's light weight (3.7㎏ / ㎡) is only about one tenth of other types of heat preservation practices, which minimizes the structural weight and facilitates installation.

● Because the air layer between the metal carved insulation board and the wall can adjust the humidity of the wall, it can effectively prevent the indoor mold from appearing in the external insulation package.

What is the building metal carved insulation board?

Construction of metal carved insulation board

● Wide range of application. Newly built and repaired buildings, public buildings and private buildings can be used, and there is no need for cumbersome pretreatment of building walls.

● Industrialized automatic assembly line production, high product quality, stable performance, pass rate of more than 99.9%.

● Dry installation, not affected by weather, simple and convenient installation, short construction period.





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