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What should I do when labor safety shoes are moldy?

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Friends who wear safety shoes often know that if the safety shoes are not blistered after proper treatment, the shoes will become moldy after a long period of time. If the shoes are moldy and there is no reasonable treatment, the shoes will quickly deform.

Therefore, when mildew occurs in labor safety shoes, we should do the following maintenance steps:

What should I do when labor safety shoes are moldy?

1. First, remove the old shoe polish remaining on the labor safety shoes;

2. Then use the big shoe brush to gently brush the shoes a little, and clean the dirt and fine dust on the surface of the shoes;

3. Then untie or loosen the shoelace, and then use a small shoe brush to brush off the dirt that is not easily visible on the outside;

4. There are also concave and convex parts of the shoe edge and the gap, you also need to use a small shoe brush to clean the dirt and vacuum brush;

5. Then take a piece of cloth, dip it with a little shoe polish, and then coat the entire shoe. The shoe polish is about the size of the little finger;

6. After coating the entire shoe, you can use a clean soft cloth to polish the shoes, remember not to forget the small parts;

7. After grinding the safety shoes, you can spray some waterproof mist on the shoes, which can effectively prevent the shoes from being attacked by water, and it is not easy to be contaminated with dirt;

8. When the waterproof fog is dry, you can put the labor safety shoes in a ventilated and dry place to store it.

If your labor safety shoes are moldy, remember to do the above steps to avoid the deformation of the shoes, and even the labor shoes will be scrapped in the end.





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