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What should I pay attention to when choosing a wood veneer?

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What should I pay attention to when choosing a wood veneer?

Nowadays, with the development of decoration and decoration, wood veneer panels are more and more widely used in various star-level hotels, villas, clubs and high-grade tooling places. Even the choice of wood veneer for personal home decoration is very common, so choose high quality. The wood veneer, its natural and beautiful wood grain and stable and reliable structure will make the decoration of the project shine. In the unlikely event that the consumer chooses a poor quality wood veneer, the surface of the panel will be bulged and cracked. So how do you choose a wood veneer? The following matters are noted:

1, decorative is better:

The appearance of the wood veneer should have a good aesthetic, the material should be fine and even, the color is clear, and the wood grain is beautiful. The texture of the surface veneer should be arranged according to a certain regularity. The wood color is similar. Try not to see the seam between the veneer and the veneer, and the seam is almost parallel to the edge of the plate.

2. Recognize the difference between the veneer veneer and the natural veneer veneer:

The texture of the technical veneer is basically straight texture, rigid, and the texture pattern has rules; while the natural veneer veneer is a natural wood pattern, and the natural variability of the texture pattern is relatively large and irregular. There is a natural beauty.

3. The surface of the wood veneer should be no obvious:

The surface of the selected wood veneer should be smooth, free of burr grooves and planer marks; there should be no penetration phenomenon (such as local yellowing and blackening); the surface should be selected as follows without cracks, cracks, knots, skin, resin The natural curvature of the whole plate should be as small as possible to avoid the phenomenon of sand penetration revealed by the substrate due to improper operation of the sanding process.Building sheet

What should I pay attention to when choosing a wood veneer?

4. The structural layer of the wood veneer is stable:

Good wood veneer panels should be free of glue; it should be noted that there should be no bulging or delamination between the veneer surface and the substrate, and between the layers inside the substrate.

5. Knife method to check the bonding strength of wood veneer:

This method is the most straightforward method for testing the bond strength. Use a sharp flat blade to pry along the glue layer. If the wood is damaged due to the destruction of the rubber layer, the bonding strength is poor.

6. Choose a wood veneer with low formaldehyde emission:

When choosing, avoid wood veneers with a pungent odor. Because the greater the smell, the higher the amount of formaldehyde released, the more harmful the pollution, the greater the harm.

What should I pay attention to when choosing a wood veneer?





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