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What type of gas mask should be used for fire rescue work?

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In fact, whether it is fire rescue work or emergency rescue work, it is an environmental treatment that can immediately threaten life and health. Therefore, it is necessary to use the type of isolated gas mask, that is, positive pressure air respirator, or suitable escape respirator, air supply long tube respirator, etc. So, why is this type of gas mask suitable for fire rescue functions? Is it because this type of gas mask has characteristics that filter gas masks do not have?

Next, let the tree-lined building materials network explain to you.

What are the characteristics of isolated gas masks?

1. It can provide compressed air for users by using air bottles and air supply pipes, which is suitable for any dangerous working environment;

2. The inside of the full face mask is a normal low pressure environment. Even when the air pressure inside the face mask is higher than the outside environment, and there is a slight leak in the face mask, it can still prevent harmful substances from entering the face mask;

3. Whether it is an air respirator or a long tube air supply system, there is a specific use time, which can give users a long time to work.

What type of gas mask should be used for fire rescue work?

The above three points are the unique characteristics of the isolated gas mask, which is not possessed by the filter gas mask. Therefore, no matter under any circumstances, it is not allowed to wear filter gas masks to participate in fire rescue, so as not to cause suffocation and other hazards.





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