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Linyigate is a comprehensive cross-border e-commerce information platform based on global search engine developed by Shandong Datu Network Company. Domestic manufacturers can receive overseas enquiry information, realize accurate drainage of official websites, and directly connect with overseas buyers. Making cross-border business easier and clearer.

Linyigate is based on the inquiry information sent by overseas buyers,  domestic manufactures  receive the inquiry information directly, and the parties communicate the procurement requirements through the inquiry information directly, maximizing profits and benefiting for overseas buyers and domestic producers. break the cross-border marketing pattern and help Chinese brands go to sea.

Linyigate is a commodity supply market concentrated by domestic production plants, covering many source factories across the country, with a wide variety and accurate classification. It includes tens of thousands of products such as hardware tools, mechanical products, building boards, ceramic products, and other products. It is committed to providing domestic manufacturers with the most effective inquiry information and improving order conversion rate through the Internet.
Domestic manufacturers successfully launched the products that need to be promoted and received overseas enquiry information;
Overseas buyers find the product, communicate the demand through inquiry, and complete the order negotiation;
Linyigate's enquiry information is highly targeted, and effective enquiry can improve the communication efficiency of both parties, significantly increase the single rate, and better help production companies to expand global trade activities.

1. Adopting Swiss butler service, the professional design team designs and processes according to the product information provided by domestic manufacturers and successfully goes online to the platform.
2. Adopt enterprise project responsibility system to track product inquiry information in real time to ensure accurate and effective communication between manufacturers and overseas buyers.
3. The project team includes account managers, designers, after-sales customer service, technical personnel, etc. to escort your enquiry orders, adhere to customer satisfaction, and ensure a guaranteed service.
One-stop shopping experience
• Covers hardware, machinery, board, ceramics, food, clothing, etc.;
• A wide range of products to meet all your needs;
• The product is at a glance, so you can compare the products.
First class service
• The website inquiry function will respond to the first time;
• One-to-one after-sales quality assurance.
Made in China
• Chinese production, quality assurance;
• Strict screening, in line with national export standards;
• First-hand supply, guaranteed price concessions.





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