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ppr double live copper ball valve

Manufacturer (Origin) Zhejiang
Nominal outer diameter 20-32 (mm)
Purpose Water pipe
Wall thickness 4-10 (mm)
Length 0.01-0.04 (m)


Product technical interpretation

Nano antibacterial: the inner wall of the pipeline is an antibacterial layer rich in nano antibacterial factors. Nano-antibacterial factors can penetrate directly into the nucleus of bacteria, causing bacteria to suffocate and die. Therefore, nano antibacterial technology can be widely antibacterial and lasting effect.

No scaling: the inner wall is uniform and smooth, the flow resistance is small, and scale cannot be generated.

Corrosion resistance: It is not corroded by most chemicals, but can withstand the corrosion of acid and alkali in a certain temperature range.

Insulation and energy saving: Under the specified long-term continuous pressure, the maximum use temperature is 95 ° C, and the building water supply and drainage hot water system can be used. The thermal conductivity of the pipeline is only 2% of that of the metal pipe.

Good sealing performance: It adopts hot-melt connection and completes within a few seconds, realizing the integration of pipe fittings and pipes; the joint is stronger than the pipe itself, there is no risk of leakage due to joint twisting, and the sealing performance is very good.



Antibacterial effect: It has the functions of preventing bacterial development and preventing the growth of various microorganisms, so that the antibacterial effect is durable and safe.

High-efficiency antibacterial: The white antibacterial layer on the inner wall of the pipeline has high-efficiency antibacterial effect. The product has been tested by the national authority to show that the antibacterial rate of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus reaches more than 90%. It is a real health product and beneficial to health.

Green health: excellent sanitary performance, the product integrates antibacterial, energy saving and self-cleaning. Various sanitary indexes have reached national standards and can be directly used in pure water delivery system.

Beautiful design: The tube body is soft in color and beautiful in appearance. The matching pipe fittings are provided with decorative pipe fitting covers, reinforced rib-shaped decoration, and obtained a patent. It not only increases the strength of the pipe fittings, but also makes the appearance of the pipe beautiful after installation.

Long service life: The product has strong pressure resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and creep resistance, health and safety, and a lifetime warranty.






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